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Space Wars Tactics

This is my entry into the Dream Build Play competition.  They wanted a game that was a mod of their existing Space War demo.  To me it looked like the demo was more a sub game to a larger game.  So wanted to make that larger game.  I only had two weeks to work on it and I could only work in the evenings.  Still it turned out ok.

I came up with a game that is a cross between Advanced Wars and Asteroids.  It uses a tactical view to build and command your fleet and then zooms in to the combat system from the Space wars demo.

It features six ship types, three terrain types, and three base types.

Download the binary here.

You will need the latest DirectX and the .Net 2.0  framework to play.  I also highly recommend having a XBox 360 controller.  If you do not the keyboard works as well.

Player1 (Directions = WASD, A = V, B = G and Q = Left Trigger